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The goal of the Oshkosh Police Department Camera Registration Program is to deter crime and continue to promote the mission, vision and values of the Oshkosh Police Department and the communities we serve.

  • Accordingly, all Oshkosh Police Department Camera Registration Program registrants agree to the following terms and conditions:

    • Registration is voluntary and there is no cost associated with registration. Registrants can withdrawal from the program at any time and the Oshkosh Police Department reserves the right to remove voluntary registrants of the program at any time.

    • Registering your information does not provide the Oshkosh Police Department with direct access to your camera(s).

    • By registering your security camera(s) with the City of Oshkosh Police Department you understand that your personal information will be kept confidential unless subject to disclosure by court order.

    • Video camera placement should not be used to violate any law or Constitutionally-protected right.

    • Registrants will not be compensated in any way for providing information or video footage to the Oshkosh Police Department.

    • All information provided to the Oshkosh Police Department pursuant to the Camera Program is reserved for official law enforcement use and will not be released to any member of the general public or media without prior consent by the Oshkosh Police Department.

    • Under no circumstance shall registrants construe that they are acting as an agent and/or employee of the City of Oshkosh and/or Police Department through the program.

    • The Oshkosh Police Department will only contact you directly to request the appropriate video surveillance footage at any stage during an investigation if there is an incident in the vicinity of your surveillance system.