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Report a Quality of Life Concern Form

If you are wishing to report something that is in progress or want an officer to respond please do not fill out this form and call the Oshkosh Police Department non-emergency number (920) 236-5700. If you are reporting an emergency please dial 911

Oshkosh is a city that is revitalizing itself. Quality of Life is important to Oshkosh residents and the Oshkosh Police Department acts quickly when responding to public nuisance complaints. If you know of a public nuisance or quality of life problem within the City of Oshkosh and would like to have a Police Officer or Community service Officer investigate the problem, please fill out and submit the form below.

If you would like to receive a response from an officer as to their investigation findings of the problem, please check the box in the form and an officer will call you.

Examples of public nuisances/quality of life complaints:
  • Barking Dogs
  • Stray Animals
  • Grafitti
  • Overhead Street Lights Out
  • Ongoing Unnecessary Loud Noise
  • Other

If you have other concerns of public nuisances such as building hazards, fire hazards, garbage piled up in a yard or unkempt lawns/landscaping or unshoveled snow from sidewalks, please contact the following agencies:

Oshkosh Fire Department for Fire Hazards, call (920) 236-5240.

Building Inspections for abandoned vehicles; unkempt lawns; excessive refuse; exterior parking on private property CLICK HERE

Streets for weeds and overgrown vegetation CLICK HERE

Other Public Nuisances - (920) 236-5000

All information with * next to it must be provided. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Please tell us the nature of this submisson:
What public nuisance/quality of life related topic would you like to comment on?

Other public nuisance/quality of life violations:

Exact Location of Problem:

Type Problem:

Day of Week:

Time of Day:

Please Provide Specific Detailed Information Regarding Your Public Nuisance Enforcement Request:

Tell us how to get in touch with you

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ex. (555) 555-5555

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