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Officers standing by squad cars
Motorcycle Unit and CCOV in a parade
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Oshkosh Police Explorer Badge

The Law Enforcement Explorer Program is an important asset for today's young adults that allow participants to explore the career opportunities offered in the law enforcement profession. The Exploring Program is affiliated with Learning for Life. Explorers participate in a variety of training opportunities, community volunteer activities, and explorer competitions in addition to riding along with Patrol Officers. There are both male and female members, ranging in age from 14 - 21 years old.

The diversity in membership provides for a great learning environment to those just entering the program. In addition, older members are able to sharpen their skills by teaching the new members. Advisors mentor the Explorers and assist them in not only learning about the law enforcement profession, but also building upon essential life skills. The Oshkosh Police Explorer program is advised by Sergeant Joseph Gogo, Officer Adam Poepping, Officer Dellas Vandenberg and Officer Cecilia Krause. Oshkosh Police Explorer Post #9420 is the only law enforcement post in Winnebago County.
Oshkosh Police Explorer's Website.

Oshkosh Police Explorer Advisors

Sergeant Joseph Gogo
Photo of Sergeant Joseph Gogo
Officer Adam Poepping
Photo of Officer Adam Poepping
Officer Dellas Vandenberg
Photo of Officer Dellas Vandenberg
Officer Cecelia Krause
Photo of Officer Cecelia Krause
Oshkosh Police Explorers
Oshkosh Police Explorers Training
Oshkosh Police Explorers