Requesting Records

File Folder

Accident reports are available online by clicking Online Oshkosh PD Accident Reports

To request a copy of an accident/incident report, please click Open Records Request Form. This form can be filled out and mailed, faxed or dropped off at:

The Oshkosh Police Department
Attn: Records Department
420 Jackson St
Oshkosh, WI 54901
Phone: 920-236-5731
Fax: 920-236-5087

Please note that if the incident report you are requesting contains juvenile information, the report must be picked up at the OPD front desk and the person picking the report up must show a photo ID, or the report will be subject to redaction. If the incident report contains juvenile information and is requested to be mailed or emailed, we must first receive a notarized copy of your photo ID.


  • Accident reports - $1.00 per report
  • Incident reports- $.25 per page
  • Mailing fees - $2.00 (plus cost of the actual report)
  • Electronic media - $1.50 per disk
  • If the anticipated cost of locating records will exceed $50.00, you will be contacted and required to pre-pay the estimated costs of the location and reproduction of the records. If the cost of reproduction of the record is expected to exceed $5.00, you may be contacted and requested to pre-pay those costs.

What You Should Know

Requests will be filled as soon as practicable and without delay. Each line of the request form should be filled out properly and completely. Reports can be picked up in person or mailed. They are not faxed. You will not be notified when the request is ready for pickup.