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Support Services Division


Supervisor: Penny Knoll is directly responsible for supervising and scheduling the Report Processors, Records/Reports Clerks, Court Liaison Clerks, and Work Study Clerical Assistants. The Records Supervisor is charged with maintaining all Departmental records and associated functions.

Records and Reports Clerks: Marleigh McQuown and Danielle Barger are responsible for maintaining a record and filing system and responding to internal and external requests for this information in order to support the mission, vision and values of the Oshkosh Police Department. These individuals also serve as a link between the community and police personnel when assisting with duties at the reception desk.

Court Liaison Clerks: Nicole Fisher and Ericka Wojahn process all the administrative paperwork related to arrests made by Oshkosh Officers. This includes all traffic citations, municipal ordinance arrests as well as misdemeanor and felony arrests. They are responsible for over 16,000 court dispositions annually.

Report Processors:  The Report Processors are responsible for quality-checking field-based reports and transcribing reports that are dictated by Officers, entering them into P-1 Records. They also enter data related to municipal ordinance citations.

The full-time Report Processors are:

  • Bonnie Sagmeister
  • Jill Engeli
  • Tristan Clare

The part-time Report Processors are:

  • Brad Willis
  • Sierra Dettman