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Rules and Regulations

Overnight Parking


The City of Oshkosh has an ordinance which prohibits parking, year around, from 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. on all city streets where parking is allowed. The ordinance also makes provisions for the purchase of a Parking Permit, and under special circumstances, permission. To view the City of Oshkosh Municipal Code regarding the rules and regulations for parking, please click here and scroll to Section 27-26:

Parking by Permission

Persons may be granted permission to park their vehicles on city streets if they have overnight guests or for temporary construction considerations. Under normal circumstances, permission is only granted for up to three nights. Permission may be granted for a longer period of time under certain circumstances. Persons granted permission to park must renew their request each night their vehicle is on the street. When requesting permission you must provide the following information; make, model, color, and license plates of the vehicle. All overnight parking is also subject to the following regulations.

  • Requests for overnight parking will not be accepted after 1 A.M.
  • Obey signed "No Parking" areas.
  • Park on the Even or Odd numbered sides of streets as determined by the calendar date before midnight.
  • Maximum of 3 nights without a permit in a 30-day period anywhere in the city, except for construction.
  • No permission for vehicles over 15,000 lbs., motor buses, truck tractors or trailers.

No permission will be granted during snow emergencies (this includes vehicles with permits).

Click Here to submit a request for overnight parking